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78 hours after the devastating earthquakes that shook the southern Turkish district of Kahramanmarash with the epicenter in the city of Pazardzuk, a miracle happened.

A mother and her two children were pulled out alive by the rescuers from under the rubble in Pazardjik, where they stayed for nearly four days.

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The earthquake in Turkey and Syria 220

Pazardzhuk was the epicenter of the devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7, recorded in the early morning hours of February 6.

With tears in their eyes and with applause for the rescuers, the three rescued relatives and dozens of citizens who were waiting for the result of the rescue operation welcomed them.

The mother and the two children were taken by ambulance to the hospital, writes BTA.

A real miracle!

They rescued a little boy who had been under the ruins for 45 hours

The rescue team of the government's Directorate of Disaster and Emergency Management (EDM) also experienced immense satisfaction.

"This is the best day I have experienced in my life.

We are staying here and moving on," said one member of the rescue team.

See how they save an entire family from the ruins of their home in Turkey

Although the hopes of finding survivors under the rubble are diminishing as time progresses, rescue teams in the disaster areas continue to search and rescue.   

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria