Ms. Chen (left) took out her mobile phone to explain the process, but the police (behind the picture) and bank staff discouraged her from remitting 400 yuan.

(provided by the police)

[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung Report] A 37-year-old woman surnamed Chen from Zhongshi went to the bank to remit 400 yuan. Because the amount was quite low, the bank staff asked in doubt, but Chen was vague. The police stopped the scam, and Chen Nvcai told the police frankly that she met a female netizen on Facebook. The other party claimed to operate an investment currency platform, and a small amount of money can make money. She wanted to invest 400 yuan first. The police found that Chen Nv did not know what currency to invest in. This is a fraudulent method, and the account receiving the money has been reported as a "warning account" many times. After being persuaded by the police, Ms. Chen gave up the idea of ​​remittance investment to make a fortune.

The Zhongshi No. 2 Sub-bureau laughed and said that preventing this fraud may be the lowest amount of fraud in history.

According to the police investigation, Ms. Chen went to the North Taichung Branch of Taichung Commercial Bank on the 6th of this month and wanted to remit 400 yuan, but she hesitated about the reason for the remittance. , Ms. Chen took out her mobile phone and said that she met a female netizen who called herself "Yu Ping" on Facebook, and the other party claimed to run an "investment currency platform."

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Ms. Chen said that she told the other party frankly that she was poor and had no extra funds to invest. The other party still emphasized that "small amounts of money can be easily invested to obtain high returns." Ms. Chen then raised 11,000 yuan and wanted to send money to the other party. , but the other party did not confirm whether the remittance account was normal, so Ms. Chen first remitted 400 yuan, and the remaining 10,600 yuan would be made up later, and Yu Ping readily agreed.

Ms. Chen said frankly that she didn't know what currency she was investing in. When the police heard it, they knew it was a fraudulent method. After investigation, the account receiving the money was reported as a warning account for fraud many times. After the police persuaded Ms. Chen to cancel the remittance Idea of ​​getting rich by investing.

Yang Chuan, director of the Second Sub-bureau, said that the public should invest in legal channels, such as flaunting high profits, stable profits and no losses, etc., and should be more vigilant, and do not listen to investment channels of unknown origin from netizens, and carefully check. You will fall into the trap of fraudsters.