• Year of the Thai police, 3 female murder cases, reflecting the problem of the collecting system

    with a lower level

    to the upper level

    The reason for holding power for a long time

    therefore making it a gray source of livelihood

  • Punishment of unorthodox police

    If there is clear evidence, the punishment should be completed within 1 month and should not be released.

    Wait for the time until people lack confidence.

    If not wrong, it will create justice for the junior police.

  • Police reform for 8 years has not yet seen results soon, but must be gradually changed from the lower class to the top.

    ready to prepare a plan to decentralize police power to the provinces

    reduce the rate of generals to sit in the center

Year of the Thai police force, if counted from the beginning of the year

will see a big case

reflects police corruption

Chasing from the car leading a procession of Chinese tourists

That has been examined, found that it actually did, but the vehicles leading the procession used as personal belongings

But the policeman who accepts "Job" wears full uniform.

After that, the current of the leading cars will slow down.

A new wave of scandals arose.

In the case of setting up a checkpoint to pay tribute to a Taiwanese actress

Although at first there was a denial.

But when there are witnesses confirming

The National Police Agency

An investigation has begun.

order the transfer of officers

Including taking decisive steps

When entering February, the year of the Thai police did not fade when the young actress Dew Arisara came out to reveal the big gambling website.

which noted its connection to people of color

3 female murder cases Played to shake the whole police department

Especially the heretics

That has been eating the system with gray capital for a long time by "Maj. Gen. Supisan Phakdinarunat", a former commander of the Crime Suppression Division and MPs for the Kao Klai Party

Discuss this problem with

“The news team penetrates the issue.

Thai Rath Online ”that this moment is the junction of the Royal Thai Police.

that the leaders still do not take care of the junior police officers thoroughly

Therefore, the problem of corruption followed.

coupled with changes in communication

that affected people

Complaints can be made through various media more easily, as can be seen from the expose post of Dew Arisara.

“Police organizations have a lot of problems tucked under the rug.

At the same time, the structural system has been abandoned for a long time.

Because before that, the high command was in a long position.

Until there is a police group that holds power from a long appointment

It also allows the agency that seizes power to get involved with the police.

thus creating a benefit system

and become a livelihood of gray capital.”

The system of police heretics

still exist and become stronger

It can be seen from the case of tribute to Chinese tourists who have to pay in exchange for convenience.

on business and travel

Or have to pay money in cases where the law is still ambiguously interpreted.

such as detecting electronic cigarettes

Make it a channel for the eccentric police.

pocket money

The police are the first line of defense that acts close to the people.

When corruption occurs, it is often noticed.

and have an eye

Therefore causing many times to be caught

because nowadays there is modern technology

Lying to avoid guilt as before

So it's going to be more difficult.

Long-term approach to police reform

The Royal Thai Police must have a police inspection system.

The offender must be completed in 30 days because it will create acceptance for people in society.

while at the same time making the subordinates accused

able to continue working efficiently

But what is it now?

each inspection

Have to wait for the results

until causing the problem to not be solved

“Most of the punishments for police discipline

Must wait for the outcome of the criminal case.

But in the event that an actual fault is found

and there is clear evidence

There should be immediate punishment.

Otherwise society will only aggravate it.

let the police organization continue to decline.”

Police reform has not gone anywhere because the Appointment Act is still being delayed.

The appointment of police officers next year will be more concrete.

But high-ranking positions are still a problem.

So it takes time to adjust.

Starting at the lower level position, gradually assimilate to the upper level.

new police reform structure

There will be more external inspection systems.

such as moral protection

There will be prosecutors and courts.

who is qualified to help inspect

to achieve more transparency

The Inspector General is just a secretary.

In the past, the Inspector General took care of all inspections.

In the future, police must be reformed in various cities.

by giving the provincial authority to consider

and the police in the provinces

will not be able to work across territories more than necessary

At the same time, the police must be tied to the locality.

Causing efforts to spread the budget more locally

to achieve decentralization in the police system

“The central police

There will be less General level.

and has a duty to help the public

to prevent interfering in the regional system

and canceled cadet classes

having to study with the military

but had to study in a cadet academy separately

by accepting a police officer

graduated with a bachelor's degree

Upon completion, he had to start working as a patrolman.

and develop yourself to be a police officer according to the appropriate level of competence.”

However, the 3 female murder cases reflect problems in the police system.

that people want to change

to subdue the gray capital that devours

and nurture the unorthodox police in the existing system.

Author : Pin