Last year, the direct (subcontractor) expenses incurred on local labor force (services) and materials under contracts signed by BP with local companies in the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey region and with foreign contractors operating in the region amounted to 1,389 mln.

USD, which means a 21.9% year-on-year decrease.

According to the information provided by "APA-Economics" referring to the report published by BP (operator of the project) on the results of 2022 on the operations conducted in Azerbaijan, during the reporting period 651.5 mln.

spent dollars.

According to the report, the company paid 388.2 mln.

spent dollars.

In addition, during the reporting period, BP spent 310.3 million on 222 small and medium-sized enterprises.

dollars, and the expenses for 30 state companies are 39 mln.