There was a shooting accident in Chenggong Ridge this morning.

(Photo by reporter Lin Minzhen)

[Reporter Lin Minzhen/Taichung Report] A trainer surnamed Huang from the 104th Brigade of the Chenggongling Army in Taichung was conducting target training in the shooting range in the morning. When the trainer surnamed Huang was using a 65K2 rifle to shoot the rifle, the trainer surnamed Huang suddenly fired for unknown reasons. The explosion caused slight redness and bruises on the right face of the trainer surnamed Huang, and the middle finger of the right hand of the assistant sergeant surnamed Liu was also injured. The two were assisted by medical staff to apply medicine and bandage. They were all fine and have returned to the army to rest.

The Tenth Corps of the Army pointed out that after the incident, the unit not only stopped shooting immediately and contacted the family members to explain, but also organized professionals from the Army Command to form a task force to go to the unit to clarify the cause; follow-up will continue to strengthen gun inspections , ammunition filtering and safety protection, etc., to maintain training safety.