A pet bird in Turkey was rescued 55 hours after the earthquake, under the watchful eye of its 13-year-old owner.

(Taken from Twitter Aleksandra Opalic)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The strong earthquake in Turkey caused serious casualties. The search and rescue team raced for their lives. There were many moving pictures. Local Turkish media reported that a 13-year-old boy was buried alive for 55 hours and was rescued. He was always protecting his pet bird. budgerigar.

According to comprehensive Turkish media reports, good news came out 55 hours after the incident in Kahramanmaraş province near the epicenter. After 3 hours of excavation by Azerbaijan and Dubai search and rescue teams, they found A 13-year-old boy, Berat Sarı, and his pet bird, a budgerigar.

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It is understood that Shali had been protecting the pet bird during the time he was trapped, and he did not let go until he was rescued. He did not entrust the pet bird to his aunt until he was sent to the hospital.

Aunt Döndü Öztürk said she was so excited that she cried, thanking God that her nephew was still alive, and she hurried to find bread and water to feed the birds.

With the efforts of search and rescue teams from various countries, Shali's mother was rescued after being buried alive for 56 hours. Both mother and child are currently under observation in the hospital.

• Kahramanmaraş'ta yaklaşık 3 saatlik çalışmanın ardından ulaşıldı

• Elinde bir muhabbet kuşu tuttuğu görüldü

Küçük Berat, 55 saat sonra enkazdan elinde tuttuğu muhabbet kuşuyla çıkarıldı https://t.co/qwaFnRby5R pic.twitter.com/NnzwqLpGzX

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