On February 9, the head of the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mariusz Kaminski, informed about the suspension of border traffic at the Babrowniki crossing.

"In connection with the important interests of state security, I made a decision to suspend traffic at the Polish-Belarusian border crossing in Babrovniki from February 10 of this year.

from 12:00 until further notice," the minister said on social networks.

After some time, the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland published another entry:

"In connection with the resolution of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland on the case of Andrzej Pachobut, I am instructing you to prepare statements on the inclusion in the sanctions list of other persons connected with the Lukashenka regime, responsible for repression against Poles in Belarus."

Yesterday, February 8, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland summoned the Chargé d'affaires of Belarus after the journalist of Polish origin Andrzej Pachobut was sentenced to 8 years in prison in Belarus in a case which, as Warsaw emphasizes, is politically motivated.

This was reported by a representative of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"The politically motivated show trial and today's verdict are clear evidence of the anti-Polish actions of the Belarusian authorities," the Polish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"We condemn the unjust sentence handed down by the court of an authoritarian state."

Andrzej Pachobut was convicted on charges of inciting hatred against religious and national groups and "rehabilitating Nazism" after his arrest in March 2021, Polish state news agency PAP reported.

Hundreds of thousands of people of Polish origin live in Belarus.