KMT member Luo Tingwei (right) believes that the nomination method for legislators should be finalized earlier.

(Taken from Luo Tingwei's Facebook page)

[Reporter Tang Zaixin/Report from Taichung] The chairpersons of DPP’s counties and cities across the country will hold a meeting today to discuss the election of legislators. Taichung City is calling for eight seats. On the other hand, the KMT’s discussions in central and municipalities are currently deserted. But the grassroots are worried: Don't just think about the Presidential Bureau, it is also very important to regain more than half of the Legislative Yuan.

There are eight constituencies in the Taichung City Legislative Committee. At present, the DPP has Cai Qichang, He Xinchun, Zhang Liao Wanjian, Lin Jingyi and Zhuang Jingcheng seeking re-election. At present, each of them has the strength to be nominated for re-election. Huang Guoshu, who has quit the party, has been working with The green camp interacted well, and the auxiliary elected mayor also participated in various activities of Lai Qingde's election of the party chairman. Although there are still noises in the party discussions, whether it is the current councilor Jiang Zhaoguo or Huang Shouda, the green camp definitely has ready-made candidates in the district.

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As for who will challenge Jiang Qicheng and Yang Qiongying?

Whether it is the introduction of current councilors Xie Zhizhong, Zhou Yonghong, Xiao Longze or cooperation with Chen Baiwei, etc., there are also filings in progress.

On the other hand, the Kuomintang, apart from Jiang Qichen and Yang Qiongying who are determined to fight for re-election, should also be challenged by no one in the party. Yan Kuanheng in the second constituency is bound to make a comeback and fight Lin Jingyi again. In Beitun, councilor Huang Jianhao and former legislator Shen Zhihui came to the fore. In Xitun District, Liao Weixiang, the former director of Hu Zhiqiang's office, is vying for nominations. There are candidates in the six districts.

But for He Xinchun and Cai Qichang, who won the highest votes of female candidates and male candidates in this election, although Zhuang Zifu, who challenged He Xinchun this year, also reported that he intends to fight again, can he defeat the current legislators who are the indicators of these two districts? ?

There is still no discussion within the KMT.

In this regard, private discussions in the party have been raging. Some people think that the party central committee and even the mayor Lu Xiuyan, who won 270,000 votes in the mayoral election, should have a plan to deploy "surprise soldiers", but some people think that it seems that the party elites All I am thinking about right now is the "presidential election." What is the nomination method for the election of legislators, including Zhongshi, and how the districts will respond?

"No one is thinking about it yet," thinking that the party should act quickly, and the proposals should also allow local governments to respond.

In this regard, Yan Wenzheng, chairman of the Municipal Party Committee, said that the chairman has clearly announced that discussions will begin after the by-election of Nantou legislators, and that the by-election of legislators will be on March 4th. Those elected are already running at the grassroots level and will not affect the election affairs.

Liao Weixiang, former director of Hu Zhiqiang's office, intends to seek the nomination of a legislator to challenge Zhang Liao Wanjian.

(Photographed by reporter Tang Zaixin)

Whether the Kuomintang MP Li Zhong will fight the legislators again has attracted attention.

(Photographed by reporter Tang Zaixin)