The death toll from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 11,200. According to estimates by the World Health Organization, the final number of victims may reach twenty thousand - this is exactly what happened in 1999, when the region was shaken by an equally powerful earthquake.

Rescuers work around the clock.

There are not enough of them - despite the efforts of the whole world to help.

The day before, the information about the death of two Ukrainians in the city of Hatay was not confirmed, according to verified data, people were rescued from the rubble, TSN reports. 

Glorifying the higher forces, they get people alive from under the Syrian and Turkish rubble.

The epicenter of the earthquake - Kahramanmarash - resembles a war zone from above.

Ukrainian Arza Mambetova says that experiencing the earthquake in Gaziantep was scarier for her than the beginning of full-scale Russian aggression in Kyiv. "In our country, I understood that the Armed Forces would protect, but here no one would protect anyone.

They ran out, it's scary, very scary," she says. 

One of the most terrible earthquakes in the history of Turkey destroyed the historical fortress, which has been standing since the time of the Roman Empire.

Rescuers work there around the clock, despite the fact that the region continues to shake with aftershocks - until now.

87 Ukrainian rescuers are among those who urgently went to help the affected areas from all over the world.

However, in order to fly to Turkey, they still had to reach the border with Romania.

They will dismantle the rubble side by side with others for ten days.

Every day, the probability of finding living people there decreases. 

Turkish President Erdogan hugs people in the epicenter, promises compensation and new housing to all those left homeless.

For him, the earthquake is also a political disaster, because the presidential elections are on May 14.

He is not going to cancel or postpone them.

Therefore, this race will be almost the most difficult for him during his 20 years in power.

The opposition blames him for the unpreparedness of the country's various systems for such a disaster. 

Despite the fact that Turkey is located in an earthquake-prone zone, and this is not the first tragedy of this scale, Erdogan confirms on camera that there were problems, but assures that they have been solved. "All state institutions are working now.

On the first day, we had certain problems, but already on the second day and today - the situation is completely under control," he assures. 

At the same time, experts from different countries of the world warn that one of the largest cities in Turkey, Istanbul, is also in the danger zone.

Thousands may die there, millions may lose their homes.

With a probability of 65%, a powerful earthquake with a magnitude higher than 7 points is predicted in the next 7 years.

Istanbul is located at the junction of the Anatolian and Eurasian tectonic plates, and the current earthquake only brought a possible future catastrophe closer.

The authorities do not implement plans for the safe development of the city, and in recent years, high-rise buildings in Istanbul have been growing like mushrooms after the rain. 

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