Dmytro Lubinets

, the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights

, announced that he is leaving the European Ombudsman Institute due to the illegal removal of two Ukrainian children from Austria to the Russian Federation.  



this on his Facebook page. 

"Sent an urgent letter to the members of the European Institute of the Ombudsman about the withdrawal from this association. This step was the result of the fact that two Ukrainian children who were in the territory of the Republic of Austria due to Russian armed aggression were taken to the territory by a human rights defender of the European Institute of the Ombudsman (EIO) Russian Federation. According to the mass media, this was done by Dr. Josef Ziegele, General Secretary of the EIO, member of the EIO Board and Deputy Ombudsman of Tyrol. The Austrian authorities have launched an official investigation into the actions of J. Zigele," Lubinets said.

He also emphasized that such actions are a violation of Articles 49, 50 of the Geneva Convention on the Protection of the Civilian Population in Time of War.

According to Lubinets, at his request, the European Institute of the Ombudsman did not conduct an internal investigation and did not apply appropriate sanctions to Mr. Siegele.

The President of the Institute, Dragan Milkov, ignored the requests of the Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets.

"I appealed to my colleagues who are members of the Institute to consider the possibility of immediate withdrawal from the European Institute of the Ombudsman and to condemn the actions of its management. At the same time, I express my gratitude to my colleagues and friends who left the EIO, the Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia Mr. Juris Jansons and the Ombudsman of the Republic of Lithuania Erika Leonaite for their unequivocal position and quick reaction to the above-mentioned situation," he summarized.

We will remind you that information recently appeared on the Internet about the alleged filming of children kidnapped from Ukraine in porn.

Later it became known that the

boy in question was actually born and lives in Russia

, where he advertises clothes.

The National Police of Ukraine emphasized that Russia is trying to destabilize the situation in Ukraine by all possible means. 

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