Financial celebrity Zhong Wenzhi donated 1 million yuan to the "Turkish Volunteer Group Search and Rescue Association (AKUT Association)".

(Photographed by reporter Wang Guanren)

[Reporter Wang Guanren/Report from Taipei] The strong earthquake in Turkey has killed more than 10,000 people in Turkey and Syria. Taiwan officials not only donated money to Turkey, but also sent search and rescue personnel to help. Countries around the world also extended a helping hand.

Zhong Wenzhi, a well-known financial celebrity in Taiwan, felt that the strong earthquake reminded him of the tragedy of the September 21 earthquake in Taiwan. Today, he also donated NT$1 million to the "AKUT Association", a volunteer group in Turkey, to play a role in human hunger. The spirit of self-hungry and self-drowning also appeals to all walks of life to lend a helping hand to help the disaster victims in Turkey.

Zhong Wenzhi said that after the strong earthquake in Turkey, through the news screen, he recalled the tragic situation in Taiwan when the 921 earthquake occurred; he was only 21 years old when the 921 earthquake occurred. Donate to disaster areas.

Now he has made some achievements, so he asked through his friends how to help the disaster victims in Turkey?

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A friend told Chung that when the September 21 earthquake occurred in Taiwan, the local Turkish non-governmental organization "AKUT Association" was the first international team to arrive in Taiwan for rescue. At that time, its team of 17 members came to Taiwan and succeeded. A resident was rescued from a collapsed building in Changhua.

Zhong Wenzhi said that although Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also opened a donation account, he thought it would be more practical to donate directly to NGOs such as the “Turkish Volunteer Group Search and Rescue Association”. Many private enterprises can lend a helping hand to Turkey.