After the earthquake, 70 countries including India have come forward to help Turkey and Syria.


After the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the condition of both the countries has worsened.

So far more than 11, 200 people have died.

Rescue operation is going on.

Meanwhile, experts have made a big claim.

Experts say that Monday's powerful earthquake in Turkey shifted tectonic plates up to 10 feet (5-6 meters).

Italy's seismologist Dr. Carlo Doglioni told that due to this change in tectonic plates, Turkey may have sunk 5 to 6 meters (about 10 feet) more than Syria.

He said- Although this information has been received from the initial data.

In the coming days, accurate information will be available from satellite images.

The epicenter of the earthquake was Turkey.

3 tectonic plates The Anatolian tectonic plate is situated between the Eurasian and Arabian plates.

According to experts, the Anatolian tectonic plate and the Arabian plate have moved 225 kilometers away from each other.

Due to this, Turkey has shifted 10 feet from its geographical location. 

Turkey is located on several major faultlines, which are connected to the Anatolian Plate, the Arabian Plate and the Eurasian Plate, due to which the risk of earthquakes is high here.

Experts also say that the 225 kilometer faultline between the Anatolian Plate and the Arabian Plate has been broken by the earthquake.  

Italian seismologist Dr. Carlo Doglioni, while talking about the strong earthquakes with the local news channel Italy 24, said, 'A kind of fault occurred due to the earthquake.

Which seismologists call 'shallow transcurrent'.

"In other words, Turkey has actually slipped five to six meters compared to Syria in the estimates," he said.

The president of Italy's National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) said that all this is based on preliminary data. 

Talking about the changes in the earthquake affected area, Professor Doglioni said, “The massive erosion covered an area 190 kilometers long and 25 wide. reached the most intense peaks." 

In an interview given to an Italian newspaper, Professor Doglioni also told about the magnitude of the earthquake in Turkey.

He said, 'The two flaps moved relative to each other.

Simply put, Turkey moved southwest relative to the Arabian Plate.

We are talking about a highly seismic zone, one of the most dangerous in the Mediterranean region.

Very dangerous earthquakes have happened here in the last centuries.

According to the report of AFP, since Monday till now, the earth has trembled more than 500 times in Turkey.

Meanwhile, President Erdogan has declared emergency for three months in 10 provinces of the country.

Schools have been closed for 13 February.

70 countries of the world including India have come forward to help Turkey and Syria.

India is providing help in Turkey under 'Operation Dost'.

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