The North City Search and Rescue Team conducted search and rescue operations in Adiyaman, Turkey.

(Photographed by reporter Qiu Junfu)

[Reporter Qiu Junfu/Taipei Report] A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Turkey and caused serious casualties. The Taipei City Search and Rescue Team entered the hardest-hit area of ​​Turkey, Adyaiman (Adyaiman) to assist in the search and rescue. Xu), the exciting news came out that the search and rescue team found a trapped woman under the rubble of the collapsed building. The whole team carefully used destructive equipment to help her escape step by step. After 5 hours, they were finally rescued She was rescued and has been sent to hospital for treatment.

The first elevator from Taipei City went to Turkey to search and rescue personnel. It arrived at Adana Airport at 3:00 p.m. local time the day before yesterday and took a bus to Adyaiman, the hardest-hit area, in the evening.

The search and rescue team then searched the collapsed buildings one by one at 7:00 am local time yesterday and launched a search and rescue mission.

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After search and rescue personnel searched the disaster area for more than 8 hours, that is, at about 3:40 p.m. local time yesterday, personnel from the Taipei City Search and Rescue Team heard a faint sound under a collapsed building and found a trapped woman. Search and rescue The personnel and accompanying doctors immediately started rescue operations and continued to monitor the physical condition of the trapped victims.

According to the search and rescue personnel, due to the severe compression of the female victim's limbs, the narrow working space on the site, and the complexity of the trapped situation, the search and rescue personnel used destructive equipment to try to help the woman out of the trap, and the trapped person lost signs of life for a while. At 8:40 p.m. time, he was successfully rescued, and his signs of life were restored after on-site first aid, and he was sent to the Adiyaman Training and Research Hospital (Adiyaman eğitim ve araştirma hastanesi) at 9:20 p.m. local time.

The Taipei City Search and Rescue Team advanced to Adyaiman, the hardest-hit area in Turkey, to assist in the search and rescue.

(Photographed by reporter Qiu Junfu)

Taipei search and rescue teams rescued a woman trapped under a collapsed building.

(Photographed by reporter Qiu Junfu)