Zheng Gongjin, Taichung City Councilor of the Democratic Progressive Party, revealed that Taichung City fell three times in a row in the hotel evaluation last year, which is the most backward in the country, and it is the worst performance in Liudu.

(Photo by reporter Tang Zaixin)

[Reporter Tang Zaixin/Taichung Report] The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications recently announced last year's evaluation of hotel and homestay management performance in counties and cities across the country. The performance in Liudu was the worst. Democratic Progressive Party member Zheng Gongjin criticized that "Central City Government was busy with elections last year", and deducted points for Taichung's tourism.

In this regard, the Municipal Tourism Bureau stated that the main reason is that there are 14 illegal hotels in the central city that have violated regulations for more than ten years. Illegal hotels with high conditions will also actively guide the legal ones, and it is because of this that the ratings are downgraded, but Zheng Gongjin said disapprovingly, the same problem has existed for a long time, why the city government was able to evaluate excellent grades the year before last?

Last year, it was changed to B. It was revealed that the relevant evaluation also included the public safety and insurance audit of the industry and the tutoring results of the hotel industry. The city government simply did not act and made excuses.

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Zheng Gongjin said that recently he saw that the government of Tainan City and Chiayi City released news, announcing that he had obtained the above-mentioned excellent results in the evaluation. He specially investigated the data for this purpose, and found that Taichung City, which was still excellent in 110 years, actually dropped in 111 years. When it comes to the second class, it is not only marked by the central government as the city with the most downgrades, but compared to the sixth class, it is either special or excellent. Only Taichung City can get a second class, and it can't even get the first class. It is really embarrassing.

Zheng Gongjin emphasized that at present, the epidemic situation has been unblocked, and everyone starts to travel. At this time, it is not only the time to attack the domestic tourism market, but also the time to attack foreign tourists. Tourists have become skeptical about tourism in Taichung, and this has also made hard-working tourism operators worry about being affected by the "B class".

He emphasized that the new Director of Tourism has already taken office. If there is a problem in management, the city government should review it carefully. At the same time, it should also strengthen the publicity of legal and hard-working operators. Compared with other counties and cities, they should vigorously promote their own The city government should also carefully review and come up with countermeasures, so as to seize business opportunities for sightseeing and ensure the safety of tourists.

In the past, Taichung City would issue special news and publicity when it was rated as excellent in hotel evaluations, but this year it was downgraded to the third and second grades in a row. Members believe that it should be reviewed.

(From the website of Taichung City Government)