The photo of Taiwan's search and rescue team going to Turkey appeared on the cover of the "BBC" IG post.

(Picture taken from @bbcnews IG)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the border between Turkey and Syria in the early morning of the 6th, causing heavy casualties in the two countries.

After the Chinese government heard the news, it immediately organized a search and rescue team to rush to the disaster area for rescue. This action unexpectedly attracted the attention of the British media "BBC". "Country" to refer to Taiwan.

After the strong earthquake in Turkey, the Chinese government, with the consent of Turkey, formed the "Taiwan International Search and Rescue Team" to join the rescue team.

In the first tier, a rescue team of 40 people and 3 search-and-rescue dogs were dispatched, and they set off on the 6th after coordinating with Turkey; in the second tier, 90 people and 2 search-and-rescue dogs were dispatched, and the rescue team set off on the 7th.

At present, the two echelons of search and rescue teams have arrived in Turkey and are preparing to launch disaster relief operations.

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In addition to Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries have also sent search and rescue teams to Turkey for disaster relief, and "BBC" also made a series of related reports on the countries that went to rescue. Surprisingly, the Taiwan search and rescue team It actually appeared on the cover of the IG post of "BBC".

In this IG post, there were a total of 7 photos of search and rescue personnel from different countries. Only Taiwan was published with 2 photos, which were placed on the cover and in the text.

Not only that, but in a report by "BBC", the text mentioned that although the local Turkey has increased the difficulty of rescue due to rain and snowfall, Italy, the United States, Israel and Taiwan are still on the way to rescue. , it is very rare to refer to Taiwan as a "country".

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