The baby girl's condition gradually stabilized after being sent to the hospital.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A strong earthquake with a scale of 7.8 on the Richter scale hit Turkey and Syria, causing heavy casualties and disaster damage. A local disaster relief video in Syria went viral on Twitter. In the video, rescuers rescued a newborn baby from a collapsed building , the pregnant woman who just gave birth to a baby was seriously injured and died.

Afterwards, relatives of the baby said that only the baby survived in the baby's family and is currently receiving treatment in the hospital.

According to the "Agence France-Presse" report, the baby's relative Suwadi (Khalil al-Suwadi) said on the 7th that he heard some sounds when he was cleaning up the rubble of the collapsed house and looking for survivors, and then found the baby girl. And her umbilical cord is still connected to her mother.

Suwardi said he cut the umbilical cord and then rushed other relatives to take the baby girl to the hospital.

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Suwadi said that he is the brother-in-law of the baby girl's father, Abdullah. All the baby girl's family died in the earthquake, including the baby girl's father, mother, four siblings and an aunt. Relatives have also held funerals for them.

Pediatrician Hani Maarouf, who was in charge of treating the baby girl, said that the baby girl was in poor condition when she first arrived at the hospital, with bruises and lacerations all over her body. In addition to the cold local weather, the baby girl had hypothermia situation.

Maruf mentioned that after the baby girl was placed in the incubator and received an IV drip, her condition has gradually stabilized, but the baby girl's forehead and fingers still show signs of turning blue, and the treatment is still ongoing.

Pediatrician Marouf said the baby girl was in poor condition when she first arrived at the hospital, with bruises, lacerations and hypothermia all over her body.


Relatives of the baby girl held a funeral for the baby girl's family.