It has already reached even children.

Mariupol City Council reports this on social networks.

Phones are checked for subscriptions to pro-Ukrainian groups and "Nazi" symbols.

"The children are in a terrible condition after yesterday's inspection (at the school), it is not clear what they were looking for and what they were intimidated for. Some lists were made. The child is afraid to attend school after that," write Mariupol residents.

"This proves only one thing - the occupiers see every Mariupol citizen as an enemy and they know that people are waiting for the armed forces and de-occupation," the Mariupol City Council is convinced.

We will remind that earlier the

Russian military had a shootout between themselves in Mariupol


in Mariupol, the Russian occupiers continue to destroy houses

In addition,

in Mariupol there was a "cotton" in the barracks with 200 occupants

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