Capable of rediscovering the secrets of Cuban identity in their productions,

the Buena Fe group seduces with its rhythms and songs from the new album Morada, which has become a love song for the island.

Produced under the seal of the Empresa de Grabaciones y Ediciones Musicales, the phonogram required hard work, since it was conceptually born during the covid-19 pandemic and the production process was marked by the economic and social conditions of the Caribbean country.

During the launch of the plaque, which took place at the headquarters of the José Martí Cultural Society, in this capital, the leader of the band, Israel Rojas, explained that

the selection of 14 songs invites you to "discover those little everyday universes."

"The delivery narrates the things that allow you to be happy,"

explained the director of the lineup, while the co-founder and guitarist of the band, Yoel Martínez, highlighted the impact of the crisis to appreciate "those things that due to the dynamics of the day today they seem insignificant to us and have so much value”.

Morada is an album dedicated to Cuba, to the house, to the family, stated Rojas, composer of all the songs, except the single Café, the first preview of this installment, in which he shared the task with the Spanish singer-songwriter Andrés Suárez.

Each piece is also a kind of response to all the media harassment to which they were subjected, since it has been a very hostile period for us, for our families, which was a great challenge to prevent even an ounce of all that poison from spreading. Strain at home or in the soul.

We intend to continue aiming at growth and the good faith of the people.

In addition, "

it is a reverence to all the music that surrounds us, music as a home, as a common home for all the inhabitants of the planet, not only Cubans",

for example the song Las más viejas recalls emblematic compositions from the soundtrack of the country and "reflects our aspiration to be part of that pantheon of unforgettable songs," he said.

With the paintings by Dausell Valdés, the plaque exhibits a design consistent with the identity of the largest island in the Antilles, while combining the talent of a lineup of young musicians and sound engineers such as Tiago Felipe, Daniel Torres Corona, Eduardo Corcho , Ernesto Oliva, Vicente Alejandro Trigo, Maikel Pérez and Arian Rodríguez, among others.

Happy with the result, the interpreter invited you to enjoy this proposal, which includes titles such as Lamplighter, Meats, The Hippopotamus, Who Forgot, South and Seas, How Much More, The Mantis Male, Roles, Once a Year, Planting, Bilis de farándula and Morada, which gives the album its name.

Buena Fe stands out for its author song style, with a coherent discourse and in tune with the socio-political reality of the island, based on the sounds of the nueva trova, which has allowed it to stand out on Latin American stages.

On video, The oldest

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(With information from Prensa Latina)