After some pharmaceutical companies can make huge amounts of money from sales.

COVID-19 Vaccine

During the global epidemic more than 2 years ago

But when vaccination is distributed to many people around the world.

until it began to alleviate the severe patient problems from COVID-19

And led to the opening of the country to accept tourists in many countries.

“The need for urgent supply of vaccines in large quantities

And do not mind the price, "

so it gradually subsides every moment.

And this is probably

The “starting point”

that makes pharmaceutical companies

need to start adjusting to prepare for

“There is a sharp drop in revenue that analysts call the 'COVID cliff' in 2023.

1. Pfizer Company (Pfizer):

In the past

year 2022 ,


made the highest revenue ever since the company opened.

By earning a total of

100,300 million US dollars!

(About 3.3 trillion baht, exchange rate as of February 7, 23)

by the number

100,300 million US dollars

That 's 23%

higher than the


revenue of $81,288 million!

(2020 Revenue: $41,651 million)

While EPS was

$5.47, or a 42% increase

year over year.

As for the figure , the company's net profit in 2022 is

$ 31,372 million (about 1.05 trillion baht, exchange rate as of February 7, 23)

, which is higher than the net profit of 2021, which was

$ 21,979 million ( About 7.3 billion baht, exchange rate as of February 7, 23) up to 43%!

However, for

the year 2023

, Pfizer

The company's revenue forecast has been lowered.

only about


million US dollars or a decrease of 33-29%

** Based on data from Pfizer Reports Record Full Year 2022 **

2. Moderna Company (Moderna):

Another company that made a lot of money during the COVID-19 epidemic from the mRNA formula vaccine in mid-January.

"Moderna Company"

has forecast revenue for the full year 2022 that should be approximately

18,400 million US dollars (about 6.1 billion baht, exchange rate as of February 7, 23).

If the company can actually achieve the targeted revenue

This will be a 0.54% drop in revenue from 2021, which was

$18.5 billion.

As for Moderna's 2023 revenue forecast, most analysts are expecting

The company's revenue should be reduced to only

7 billion US dollars (230 billion baht, exchange rate as of February 7, 23), or a drop of as much as 61%.

** Remark Moderna Company

It is scheduled to report the results of the 4th quarter and summarize the results of the year 2022 on February 23, 2023 **

3. Johnson & Johnson Company (Johnson & Johnson)

for the income of

"Johnson & Johnson Company",

the owner of the COVID-19 vaccine, 1 injection formula, generates income throughout the

year 2022


US $ 94,943 million (approximately 3.1 trillion baht, exchange rate as of February 7) 23)

The revenue figure is

94,943 million US dollars.

is a higher number

Revenue in 2021, which was 93,775 million US dollars, about


Earnings per share were

$6.73, down 13.8% year over year.

As for the 2023 revenue forecast for

Johnson & Johnson

, the company initially predicted that

Sales of products and services exclude COVID-19 vaccines.

will grow at least 4%, however, most analysts expect the company's vaccine sales to drop by


** Based on Johnson & Johnson Reports Q4 and Full Year 2022 Results **

Why the 2023 revenue forecast has to be revised down :

Most analysts think

COVID-19 vaccine sales in 2023 are expected to drop by nearly two-thirds compared to last year.

Because at present, there are many countries that still have large stocks of vaccines, and the herd immunity of the people both from vaccination and infection with COVID-19

It has increased considerably during the mobilization period over the past 2 years.

which means

“Vaccine demand has gone downhill.”

When vaccine sales are expected to drop drastically this year

A pharmaceutical company that has earned exorbitant income over the past two years

Therefore, the business plan has been adjusted to accommodate

This is evident in Pfizer's announcement of its acquisition of

Global Blood Therapeutics

, a biopharmaceutical company


Long known for its technology to treat anemia at a value of $ 5.4



Biohaven Pharmaceutical Company.

Renowned for innovative treatments for migraine.

with a value of up to

11.6 billion US dollars

Pfizer forecasts.

which has reduced the company's 2023 revenue figure to only about


million US dollars, or a decrease of 33-29%

, analysts still see that

This is an overly optimistic forecast compared to the current number of fully vaccinated populations.

As for the case

of "Moderna"

, in the eyes of analysts, it is quite worrisome.

That's because almost all of the company's revenue comes from COVID-19 vaccines.

Instead, it moved very little to prepare for new income.

To support income from the sale of vaccines that may decrease in 2023 or may drag on to 2024

And although the company expects minimum vaccine sales in 2023 to be 

$5 billion

from previously confirmed futures contracts

excluding US sales

or new purchase contracts from Europe, Japan or other important markets

It also revealed progress in working with business partner


on the development of a cancer vaccine.

but overall

in the eyes of analysts


continues to focus on revenue generated from COVID-19 vaccines.

Essentially, stay on as before.

In the case

of Johnson & Johnson

, analysts are likely to be more affected by the slump in sales of COVID-19 vaccines in 2023 than both

Pfizer and Moderate. Rna"

because it is expected that

Johnson & Johnson's vaccine sales are expected to drop as much as


compared to 2022, in line with January's.

The company has announced a slowdown in the production of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The decline in sales in the fourth quarter was not as expected.

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graphic Anon Chantanant

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