carry a degree in architect

to help business

Potjaborm Korvorakul's family's real estate Executive Vice President

JW Group

Leader in real estate business development in Don Mueang area

Passed the exam to prove the ability to manage the 12 residence hotel and apartment project beautifully.

Photjaborm Korvorakul or Jeffrey, the beloved son of Visith Korvorakul, CEO of JW Group.

which held the position of Executive Vice President

JW Group

Manages 12 residence hotel and apartment luxury hotels and serviced apartments.

In the middle of Soi Saranakhom 12, Songprapha Road, Don Mueang, before coming to help with work at home, Mr. Jeffrey has been working to gain life experience and learn Thai culture from other organizations for almost 2 years.

by saying that he had been studying abroad since grade 1

Start studying in Singapore

Then go on to study for a bachelor's degree.

on the architect

in England

until completing a bachelor's degree at Newcastle university and a master's degree at Hult business school London. After graduating, he worked as a software house consultant for 2 years.

The original Don Mueang Mansion accommodation building was changed to

"12 The Residence Hotel & Apartment"

, so he talked to the house whether he came back to help with work or not.

Because if the project is allowed to open then let him come in and see

Administration is more difficult than working from the start.

made him come to work from the beginning of the project

Even though he is the owner's son, Mr. Jeffrey has to work with his feet on the ground and walk through the project from the very beginning.

I'm going into the construction section.

When finished, now perform administrative duties, setting work goals.

Including purchasing, called looking at everything. We use the name 12 residence because the customers will be short stays, similar to waiting for flights. Customers will not have a lot of time at our hotel, maybe sleeping for only 12 hours. Then we are on Soi 12, so use the name 12 The Residence

Another group of our customers are people who come to seminars for 2-3 days. We have 280 rooms, 170 of which we do short stays and 90 rooms are long stays. These are airline employees.

Airline student

When it opened, it received quite a good response. The long stay was only about 20%, while the hotel already had 100 reservations every night.

On average, each week about 100-110 rooms depending on the period.

If it's a weekend, it will be full.

Our hotel has received quite good feedback.

think that our price is quite good compared to the quality of the room

and facilities.” The executive told about the work.

Before working like this, Mr. Jeffrey said that he went to study abroad since childhood.

Upon returning, there were some communication and cultural differences.

But now I can adjust.

Thai language is better.

understand more

“I'm already a person who likes to work.

I don't like waking up and not knowing what to do.

Because before I go to sleep I will think that

Which part will you see tomorrow?

If not working, I think it's like we don't have goals in life. When working, I will push how to achieve the goals we have set.

How to motivate the team

ready to help the team solve problems

We don't work this way.

Do we have another solution?

We will have a consultation with the internal team.

keep solving problems

is the way i like

I always like to solve problems”...the source of success of this energetic executive.