At present, the whole world is facing a crisis of egg shortage. The current price of eggs in Taiwan is 40.5 yuan per catty, and the price of washed eggs in supermarkets is about 90 yuan per box.

(Photo by reporter Yang Yuanting)

[Reporter Yang Yuanting/Taipei Report] Affected by the cold snap and the routine moulting of hens in chicken farms after the Spring Festival, the daily egg production in Taiwan is 116,000 boxes (200 eggs per box), which is slightly lower than the 122,000 boxes before the Spring Festival. However, compared with the 106,000 boxes in the same period last year, it was previously reported that the price of eggs from the origin of the egg would rise to a record high price of 3 yuan per catty. Invite the industry to talk with you.

The whole world is currently facing a crisis of egg shortage. Affected by the bird flu epidemic in Europe, America and Japan, the price of eggs has repeatedly hit new highs. The retail market often imposes restrictions on the purchase of eggs. The current price of eggs in Taiwan is 40.5 yuan per catty, which is equivalent to an egg. The price of the place of production is about 4.05 yuan. The day before yesterday, it was reported that the price of eggs was going to increase by 3 yuan and was temporarily cancelled. The Animal Husbandry Department stated that the price fluctuation of eggs is determined by both the production and sales sides according to the market mechanism. Internal information refers to the exchange of opinions between production and marketing stakeholders.

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Chen Jizhong attended the "Agricultural Sustainable ESG" press conference today. After the meeting, he was interviewed by the media and asked about the price of eggs. Chen Jizhong said that the price of eggs is discussed through the meeting of the Chicken Raising Association for egg farmers and egg merchants. He also stated that the meeting held on February 3rd was to discuss the information on egg production and sales in February. After relevant information is available, the egg price will be determined by the mechanism of the Egg Price Evaluation Committee. Yuan, the Council of Agriculture blocked the situation, because the operation of the price mechanism has always been determined by the egg price evaluation committee.

As for whether the price of eggs may rise by another 3 yuan, Chen Jizhong said that subsequent increases must respect the decision of the egg price review committee. He said that the price of eggs was raised only a few months ago. From the perspective of farmers, not from the perspective of consumers, he said how could it be possible to suddenly change from the standpoint of egg farmers after only a few months. He said that the role of the Council of Agriculture is to ensure that the supply of eggs can meet the needs of consumers, so Before the Spring Festival, the scheduling of eggs has been strengthened.

According to the outside world, there is a shortage of 4.5 million eggs per day. Chen Jizhong said that the current daily supply of eggs is 116,000 boxes, and the current daily supply has increased by more than 10,000 boxes compared to the same period last year. The representative was short of more than 22,000 cartons of eggs. He said that the Council of Agriculture would collect data from egg supply chain industry groups every Wednesday and release the supply, and the price would respect the price mechanism.

Chen Jizhong said that what the Council of Agriculture should do is to minimize the impact of factors such as bird flu and climate change on egg production. He said that the current situation of bird flu in Taiwan has reached its peak at the end of January, but the Council of Agriculture will A budget of 1 billion yuan has been invested to upgrade the equipment of more than 70% of the chicken farms that are still traditional chicken houses, so that egg production can be 100% self-sufficient, especially the price of imported eggs is higher than that of domestic eggs, but the poultry house equipment has not been improved , it is difficult to achieve the goal of 100% self-sufficiency rate, and the egg production rate must be raised to more than 70% in order to maintain the profit of egg farmers.

At present, the price of feed has dropped by 0.5 yuan per kilogram. There are doubts from the outside world that the price of feed has dropped, but egg farmers have to raise prices. Qiu Shien, director of the Chicken Association of the Republic of China, said that there is indeed a shortage of eggs and it is difficult to buy chickens in eggs. According to the situation, about 1.4 million hens are currently moulting, and the production cost of old hens is relatively high due to their poor egg production rate. He also said that if the price of eggs is not adjusted, they will go to the streets.

Chen Jizhong said that he has been going to the countryside recently. If the farmers have any opinions, he can go to the front line at any time. The farmers do not need to work hard to go to Taipei. He also said that he definitely takes care of the farmers and minimizes the impact on consumers. .