New Ukrainian houses can withstand earthquakes, if we are talking about tremors on the scale of intensity from 5 to 7 points.

Photo: UNIAN

Design engineer Dmytro Makogon reported this on the Web, publishing the OSR-2004 map of the probability of seismic intensity in Ukraine on the MSK-46 scale (Medvedev-Sponhoyer's 12-point earthquake intensity scale).

Makogon noted that it is precisely this map that engineers use when calculating the structures of buildings and structures.

"All new buildings

in Kyiv

will easily withstand a seismicity of at least 5 points, and such an intensity of an earthquake in our country is unlikely.

In Odesa

, new buildings will withstand 7 points, and

in Lviv

 - 6, which we are also unlikely to ever see," the engineer said in a message.

"So there's

no need to worry. Well, unless you live in an old building that's already falling apart

," Makogon added.

Map from Dmytro Makogon's Facebook page

We will remind you that earlier the Institute of Geophysics assured that Ukraine is not threatened by earthquakes on the scale of Turkey.

Seismic danger exists, but for Ukraine it is not as great as for countries covered by a powerful seismic belt of the planet.

According to Oleksandr Kendzera, director of the Institute of Geophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, it cannot be said that Kyiv is threatened by earthquakes of the same scale as in Turkey.

However, the danger is those earthquakes that occur in the part of the "Vranca zone" belt in Romania.

Note that as a result of the earthquake that occurred on February 6 in the south of Turkey and in neighboring Syria, 5,000 people died.

These are data as of the morning of February 7.

Rescuers continue to sort through the rubble of buildings in search of survivors.    

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