February 7, 2023 - Tuesday.

349th day of the war in Ukraine.

What a church holiday today, February 7

February 7 in the church calendar is

the day of memory of St. Gregory the Theologian


The saint was born in the city of Arianze (southern Cappadocia) around 329.

His mother was Saint Nona, who came from a pious and noble Christian family.

Saint Amphilochius, bishop of Iconium, was also her cousin.

Father is a rich landowner Hryhoriy Arianzskyi.

Before his marriage, he belonged to a family belonging to the Jewish sect, but later, under the influence of his wife, he believed in Christ.

Even before birth, their son was promised to serve the Lord.

And therefore, from his very birth, Grigory was taught in deep faith in Christ.

His younger brother Caesarius also received a brilliant education.

In particular, the bishop of Iconium, their uncle, worked with the boys.

Even in his youth, Grigory promised to take a vow of purity and chastity.

And to complete his education, he went to Athens, where he met with Basil the Great.

Grigory spent 6 years in Athens.

In 374, his parents died, then he went to Seleucia of Isauria, where he served at the church of the holy great martyr Thekla.

In those years, he took special care of the elderly and the sick.

When his friend Basil the Great died, Gregory went to Constantinople.

There he fought the Macedonian heresy, which denied the Divinity of the Holy Spirit.

There, Grigory the Theologian became the Patriarch of Constantinople.

It happened in 381.

February 7 - the day of memory of St. Gregory the Theologian / Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

However, such a decision of the II Ecumenical Council caused dissatisfaction on the part of the Macedonian and Egyptian bishops.

And therefore Grigory decided to leave Constantinople.

Returning to his native city, he engaged in monastic affairs.

For example, he walked barefoot, wore only one piece of clothing and slept on the ground.

Grigory the Theologian died on January 25, 389.

What can not be done on this day

  • On February 7, it is forbidden to cut nails and hair.

  • Do not take offense at relatives over trifles.

  • On February 7, our ancestors tried not to leave the house after sunset. 

Folk signs and traditions for February 7

Among our ancestors there were many interesting omens for this day:

  • looked at what day it is today: heavy snowfall in early spring;

  • what the weather is like from morning to noon on February 7, the first half of next winter will be like that;

  • but the weather from 12 in the morning until the evening indicates the weather in the second half of the next winter;

  • if it snowed on February 7, then the next winter will be late;

  • blackened oak to the point of thawing;

  • drops will ring from the roofs, there will be frost;

  • on the morning of February 7, a tit sings until it gets cold.

On February 7, the oak tree blackened to the point of thaw / Photo: Pexels

People called February 7 "Grigory's Day" and also "Grigory the Winter Teller".

It was believed that on this day one should do good deeds, but not flaunt them.

The more good deeds, the more chances of saving the soul after death.

And there was also a sign: "

if milk is spilled on February 7, then there will be good news


It was also believed that this day would be good for single people.

It was believed that if you pray on February 7, you will soon find your soul mate.

They also said that on this day everything said comes true, so they tried to be careful with words.

Weather for February 7

Today, February 7, it will be cloudy in Kyiv until noon, then it will clear, at night it will snow, which will weaken by morning, and then end.

It is cloudy in Lviv, light snow is expected all day, which may intensify after lunch.

It is clear in Kharkiv, only in the evening the sky will be overcast, without precipitation.

In Odesa, the sky will be covered with clouds all day, without precipitation.

The air temperature on February 7 is -3 during the day and -6 at night.

In Lviv -2 during the day and -10 at night.

In Kharkiv -5 during the day and -7 at night.

In Odessa -1 during the day and -5 at night.

Commemorative dates of February 7

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world for February 7:

  • 1301 - Edward of Carnarvon becomes the first English Prince of Wales;

  • 1483 - the famous Ukrainian scientist Yuriy Drohobych in Rome publishes the book "Prognostic assessment of the current year 1483" (Iudicium pronosticon Anni M.cccc.lxxxiii) in Rome, it is considered the first known printed book by a Ukrainian author;

  • 1795 — the port of Khadzhibey is renamed Odesa;

  • 1831 - the Polish Sejm approves the red and white flag as national;

  • 1889 - American Herman Hollerit receives a patent for the first electric computing machine;

  • 1906 - the SOS signal was first proposed as an international distress signal (then the CQD code was used on ships);

  • 1907 - in the course of the struggle for women's suffrage in Great Britain, the National Union of Women's Societies organizes a mass march in London, which was called the "Mud March";

  • 1968 - The Beatles' song "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" wins a Grammy Award;

  • 1992 — the Republic of Benin recognizes the independence of Ukraine;

  • 1998 — the snowboarding competition was included in the program of the Olympic Games;

  • 2010 — the second round of presidential elections takes place in Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych wins.

Name day: what to name a child born on February 7

What are today's name days:

Anatoly, Oleksandr, Vitaly, Boris, Voldemar, Volodymyr, Dmytro, Grigoriy, Stepan, Petro, Philip, Felix.

Agate is the talisman of a person born on February 7.

This is an ancient mineral, mentions of which date back to the III century BC.

Agate products are found in Egyptian tombs.

Translated from Greek, the name of the stone means "happy".

It has long been believed that agate brings health, longevity and happiness to its owner.

 Born on this day:

  • 1804 - Ukrainian historian, writer, ethnographer, composer and folklorist Mykola Markevich;

  • 1847 - Ukrainian ethnographer, satirist, public figure and folklorist Oleksandr Rusov;

  • 1932 - Ukrainian biologist Stepan Kostyshyn.

What a day today is in Ukraine and the world

On February 7, Ukraine celebrates the Day of the Massage Therapist / Photo: Pexels

On February 7, Masseur Day

is celebrated in Ukraine


This event appeared in the official calendar of Ukrainian holidays only in 2018.

It was approved by the All-Ukrainian Association of Massage Specialists, and various public organizations and leading institutions in the fields of medicine, massage, and health were the initiators of the new holiday.

The main goal of the event is to celebrate all those who are engaged in this difficult but useful business.

An interesting fact:

for the first time the positive influence on the human body with the help of hands was described by Indians and Chinese.

It happened about 3 thousand years before our era.

Kharkiv and Odesa became the first Ukrainian cities where massage began to be studied in the 20th century.

And the world celebrates the birthday of the fire extinguisher

on February 7


It was on this day in 1863 that the first fire extinguisher was patented in the USA (Virginia).

The fire extinguisher of that time was more like a large bowl, but over time its shape changed and began to resemble the modern one.

A fire extinguisher is a technical device that contains a fire-extinguishing substance under pressure.

Thanks to its well-thought-out design and weight, a person can independently move and use the tool if necessary.

Currently, there are 5 types of fire extinguishers, depending on the extinguishing agent: water, powder, aerosol, air-foam, carbon dioxide.