KMT legislator Wang Hongwei.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Kuomintang legislator Wang Hongwei held a press conference a few days ago, saying that Liu Shifang wanted to use plagiarism to discredit herself, saying, "When I support your proposal, you should support me and thank me. Liu Shifang is guilty What?" Scholar Weng Darui said that Wang Hongwei's use of "re-proposal" to beautify evil is "shameless"!

Ong Darui stated in a Facebook PO post that Wang Hongwei plagiarized Liu Shifang's proposal and even used "re-proposal" to beautify her evil deeds, and even asked Liu Shifang to thank her, so that all plagiarists can also use "re-publishing" to beautify their evil deeds OK, and ask the original author for thanks!

This is shameless!

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Netizens commented after seeing the post, "'Shameless' should be the unique gene for identifying Chinese people in Taiwan!", "It's fine for her to plagiarize, and it's a heinous crime for others to plagiarize", "It's really shameless, stubborn No matter how you say it, she is right, she is hopeless", "This candidate for the legislator is simply out of order to pay back the people's tax money", "Wow, there is another trick~ normal people can't think of such a powerful method! There will be no problem of plagiarism in the future! Master!"