The Baishatun Matsu Walking Pilgrimage departs on the 12th. Believers should pay attention to the ritual instructions.

The picture shows the scene of offering incense in previous years.

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[Reporter Cai Zhengmin/Miaoli Report] The Mazu of Gongtian Temple in Baishatun, Tongxiao County, Miaoli County will go to Beigang, Yunlin County to go on foot for pilgrimage in the early morning of the 12th. The "Mazupo website of Baishatun" established by volunteers also shares the rules of ritual observance and provides incense Congregational reference.

Luo Tiaobin, head of the Mazupo website in Baishatun, reminded that the ritual observance includes vegetarianism or early fasting for 3 days before offering incense; those who have a funeral at home should avoid participating in offering incense; "incense bear", "head flag" and "Mazu miraculous sedan chair" are important Sacred objects should not be touched by idlers during the pilgrimage.

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Those who participate in the pilgrimage on foot are like Mazu's human soldiers and horses, so there are "mounting" and "dismounting" ceremonies.

The so-called "starting the horse" means that before leaving home, believers should first offer incense to the gods enshrined in their own halls, and then go to Gongtian Palace to offer incense to Mazu. Mazu blesses you for a safe journey.

Since Baishatun Mazu's on-foot incense pilgrimage is known as "Pink Super Run" and "Rush March", this year's 9 days and 8 nights of incense pilgrimage will also test the strength of the followers.

The Baishatun Mazupo website reminds that, for example, the shoes are slightly larger by half to one size, the heat insulation effect from the ground to the sole of the foot is better, and the heat dissipation effect of the upper is better, and it is better to add a layer of insole.

Five-toed socks are better for socks, which can reduce friction between fingers and cause blisters; a large area of ​​Salonpas should be attached to the heel and sole of the foot, and a small piece of Salonpas should be wrapped around each toe. Replace it once a day. But be careful not to paste chili paste.