According to the National Hydrometeorology Service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the speed of the north-west-north wind is expected to increase to 18-23 ms, and occasionally to 25-28 ms in the Caspian Sea water area from the second half of the day until the afternoon of February 10.

According to the forecast, the wind will occasionally increase to 30-35 ms in the open sea from the afternoon of February 8 to the 9th.

It is reported that the height of the wave will be 3-5 meters, and in the further development it will be 6-8 meters.

According to the information provided to "APA-Economics" by "Azerbaijan Khazar Sea Shipping" CJSC (ASCO), ASCO has sent a warning to all ships sailing in the Caspian Sea due to expected windy weather conditions.

It was stated in the warning that preventive security measures should be taken on the ships, and that the ships should go to safe shelters on the specified date.

It was also mentioned that the ships that are going on a trip and are moving at sea should plan in advance to go to the shelters, taking into account the expected weather conditions.

In addition, ship captains are instructed to ensure safe berthing of ships in ports and anchorages on dates when wind is expected.