The Future Literacy School launched the "24h Education Song" to join hands with 40 schools in Taiwan to fight for reading literacy.

(Provided by Taiwan Literacy Education Association)

[Reporter Yang Mianjie/Taipei Report] Combining digital media to develop literacy education and problem-solving skills!

The Taiwan Literacy Education Association recently used the 24-hour "Education Song" event to stimulate creativity and teaching plans, and finally selected a number of model and seed schools to participate in the implementation of the partial school reading literacy plan, and will subsequently invest in ESG, a matching company, to provide digital learning resources For remote rural schools, help remote school children develop reading literacy in the most effective way, and comprehensively improve their reading and self-learning abilities.

According to the information of the association, the 6 rural schools that passed the final selection include Shezi Elementary School in Taoyuan City, Dongrong Elementary School in Yunlin County, Fuan Elementary School in Kaohsiung City, Chia Lung Elementary School in Kaohsiung City, Jinhu Elementary School in Kinmen County, and Kinmen County Jincheng Elementary School has been awarded the "Reading Literacy Model School" certification, and will receive the association's guidance and corporate sponsorship of the digital game learning platform in the next year.

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In addition, Tainan City Yi Nei Elementary School and Pingtung County Shanhai Elementary School passed the primary selection and were awarded the "Seed Literacy School" after participating in the education process. They are expected to become model schools after implementation in the next semester.

Ye Bingcheng, co-sponsor of the project and a professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University, said that studies have shown that half of the existing jobs will disappear in the next 20 years. Developing countries around the world are thinking about how school education can cope with this change and challenge. Therefore, self-learning and reading literacy skills are important. The essential.

Cultivating these abilities should not only focus on practicing more test questions, but also improve students' reading literacy and guide students' ability to integrate and reflect.

Huang Guozhen, the founder of Pinxuetang who co-sponsored the project, also shared that the recently popular AI software ChatGPT can apply for and answer questions in less than 1 minute, and even pass the company interview.

Therefore, human beings need higher-level abilities and accomplishments in order to control these powerful tools.

Facing the future, cultivating reading literacy is the basis for learning and self-renewal.

The education pine project has also successfully improved the reading ability of rural students. Among them, Yongan Junior High School in Taoyuan City has a C reduction rate of 53.4% ​​from 107 to 110, which is the first in the city. In the whole country, the increase rate of A in the field of mathematics is more than 5%.

The principal Ruyu Gu pointed out that the students in the rural areas did not have enough vocabulary and gave up when they saw a long-texted topic. However, with the introduction of the digital game learning platform, the students found their interests and skills, and built up their self-confidence.

Lai Meijuan, the principal of Shezi Elementary School in Taoyuan City, said that some parents have doubts about the school's adoption of gamified learning planning, but the school will use major meetings to explain and provide references to the learning data of past students. I have received letters from parents of graduates thanking "the child Cultivate the core ability of reading literacy at the elementary school stage. After entering the junior high school, you are not afraid of long test questions. With the average score of 60 in the whole class, you can still get a high score of more than 90." This proves that this method is effective.