Vinnytsia craftsmen made a military buggy.

The car was assembled on its own, based on a donor car.

In the body, racks for several machine guns were placed so that the fighters could quickly shoot back and return to their positions, TSN reports. 

The light, agile SUV was made by Vinnytsia craftsmen, it prances off-road and reaches a hundred in a dozen seconds.

"A powerful engine, 200 horsepower, diesel and she, she is fast," says the developer Yuriy. 

Designer Yuriy Berko took a car with a powerful engine and some parts from it as a basis.

The master did the assembly and the body on his own.

"We take a donor car, we take a power unit, gearbox, wiring, instruments, everything.

We do everything else ourselves," adds Yuriy. 

"Spare parts from certified machines arrived and everything, seat frame, steering wheel - everything from scratch.

To begin with, it was a motor and a set of pipes and that was it," adds master Volodya. 

The SUV is maneuverable and has modern electronics, but the light cannot be turned on, the built-in night vision device will come in handy.

This buggy is already waiting in the Gostomel emergency team.

Equipment is very necessary for fighters to quickly attack enemy positions.

Masters worked on the car for a month, spent more than 400,000 hryvnias.

The money was collected by a Vinnytsia volunteer with visual impairment, Denys Romanovsky.

Now this SUV, the Vinnytsia designers are convinced, is in no way inferior to industrial models. "For special units, for reconnaissance, for conducting combat operations, a light tactical vehicle that will move very quickly on the terrain, will be able to transport personnel, BK.

There are many tasks that a simple pickup truck cannot handle," says the volunteer. 

It turned out to be a real combat vehicle - there are several machine gun mounts in the body.

"This is a bed on which there will be three machine guns, each under its own bed.

We will have a DShK machine gun, and you work with it," the masters show.

Currently, the masters are conducting the last test drives.

We are ready to do more, we have the strength and energy, as long as people don't forget to donate.

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