The Lidio Ramón thermoelectric plant (Felton).

Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras Vidal/ ACN.

The Unión Eléctrica estimates for the night peak hour an availability of 2,820 MW and a maximum demand of 2,800 MW, for a reserve of 20 MW, so if the forecast conditions are maintained, an affectation of 50 MW is forecast in this schedule.

The availability of the SEN at 7:00 am is 2,400 MW and the demand is 2,000 MW, with the entire system with service.

Units 5, 6 and 7 of the Mariel thermoelectric plant, units 4 and 6 of Nuevitas and 2 of Felton are out of service due to failure.

2 Santa Cruz, 1 Felton and 4 and 6 Renté are under maintenance.

For peak hours, the completion of unit 6 of Energas Boca de Jaruco with 30 MW, the entry of unit 6 of the Nuevitas thermoelectric plant, with 90 MW (in the start-up process), and the entry of 300 MW in motors are estimated. diesel.

The limitations in thermal generation are 278 MW.

In distributed generation, 864 MW are not available due to failure and 319 MW due to maintenance.

This Monday the service was affected due to capacity deficit from 5:51 pm to 7:25 pm

The maximum impact at night was 183 MW at 6:40 pm, coinciding with the peak hour.