In the last two years, we have seen significant changes, in a short time, large areas were cleared of mines and airports were built, which was a great achievement.

APA reports that UNDP demining expert Steinar Essen said this at the opening ceremony of the project "Support to increase the capacity of ANAMA" in Shusha.

He said that the former line of contact has been cleared of mines in the last two years.

"However, so far demined areas cover a certain percentage (10-20%) of the total demined areas. As you can see, this is a difficult and time-consuming process, but new technologies and support can speed up this process. ANAMA is not a new organization, it is already 20 has been working in this field for more than a year, has great experience and is the main pillar of this process. Azerbaijan has announced that it is open to receiving support in this process and is working to bring the best experience here.

So far, 85 thousand mines have been found in the liberated areas, and for the last two years this It's an incredible statistic."

Steinar Essen emphasized that ANAMA is active in the use of new technologies: "The government is the main contributor to the demining process, while the EU and Britain also provide financial support to this process.

I would like to specially mention the role of the Ministry of Defense in this process, their ability to observe plays an important role."