Maxar Technologies has published satellite images of the Turkish city of Islahiye taken before the


and one day after the disaster.

This is reported on the website of Maxar Technologies.

The first photos of the city were taken on October 4, 2022, and the next photos were taken on February 7.

In the latest pictures, you can see significant destruction of buildings.

The Turkish city of Islahiye, photos taken on October 4 and after the earthquake on February 7, photos by Maxar

"Our latest images of the earthquake in Turkey. Weather and cloudiness affected the acquisition of new images of the affected areas," the company said.

We will be activating our Open Data Program ( for the powerful #earthquakes in #Turkey and #Syria.

Please stay tuned for that notification.

Seen here is another before (Oct 4, 2022) and after (Feb 7, 2023) view of #Islahiye, Turkey and the destruction.

— Maxar Technologies (@Maxar) February 7, 2023

We are working with multiple organizations to provide them with #satelliteimagery of the recent #earthquake that has devastated #Turkey & #Syria.

Seen here are before (Oct 4, 2022) & after (Feb 7, 2023) images of #Islahiye, Turkey, showing collapsed buildings & rescue operations.

— Maxar Technologies (@Maxar) February 7, 2023

We will remind you that a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 

occurred in Turkey on February 6 near the city of Gaziantep


He has already taken the lives of more

than 4,500 people


More than 26,000 people were injured.

A state of emergency will be introduced for 3 months

in 10 provinces affected by 

a powerful earthquake .

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