The Yunlin County Government protects the elderly living alone and vulnerable households, and promotes the double B plan for cold and hunger prevention.

(Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong)

[Reporter Zhan Shihong/Yunlin Report] In order to protect the elderly living alone and the socially disadvantaged, Yunlin County will launch the "Double B Service Plan for the Elderly Living Alone and Vulnerable Households to Prevent Cold and Hunger", through police administration, civil affairs, health administration , Social administration and household administration systems, large-scale censuses to identify high-risk people in society, construct a complete database of single elderly and vulnerable households, and allow social welfare resources to lend a helping hand in a timely manner.

Recently, a family of four died in New Taipei City, three of them died and only Zhiweng was left behind. There was a loophole in the social safety net. In order to find out the vulnerable families hidden in the community, the Yunlin County Government will launch a double B plan to prevent cold and hunger. Zhang Lishan, the county magistrate, has ordered all bureaus to check the list of vulnerable households and compare them one by one to find out the cases that need help most urgently. In the future, they will also provide the village roster and inspection form. Politics, village chiefs, and village officers conduct a census.

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Zhang Lishan also requested that when there is a change in the household population, the household administrators should actively ask the elders about follow-up care issues and evaluate whether they meet the standards for the elderly living alone. Ordinary people can also fill out the relevant forms on the website of the Social Affairs Department to report in case of relevant situations. It is hoped that with the multi-track implementation, the database of the elderly living alone and disadvantaged households can be improved as much as possible, so that social welfare resources can lend a helping hand in a timely manner.

Zhang Lishan also thanked the relevant professional unions for calling volunteers to join the emergency repair team to provide house repair work for the disadvantaged. She hopes to call on more volunteers who are working or retired in the community to join the team and become guardians of the elderly and disadvantaged living alone in Yunlin. Every family’s land owner, through everyone’s dedication, I believe that Yunlin County will be perfect.

Lin Wenzhi, director of social affairs, explained that through the double B service plan (Better food Ford, Better Housing Good God), the Yunlin county government will notify Yunlin if they find that the living environment of the elders is so dilapidated that it cannot shelter the cold wind, but is unable to repair it due to economic difficulties. The county office set up a cross-bureau office and an inspection team of external committee members to conduct the review. If the review is passed, the relevant units will carry out emergency repairs and provide materials as soon as possible. The relevant funds will not only use the county budget to attract ideas, but also invite more manufacturer groups Be able to participate in the grand event together.