Atmospheric pressure is significantly higher than the average for the month - it will continue to rise.

Cloudiness over more places in Western and Central Bulgaria will decrease, temporarily and to mostly sunny.

In the eastern areas it will remain mostly cloudy, but almost without precipitation.

The wind will be moderate, from the north-northwest, in Eastern Bulgaria - temporarily strong from the north.

The maximum temperatures, in most of the country, will be between minus 3° and 2°, in Sofia - around minus 2°.

It will be windy along the Black Sea

with a moderate and strong northerly wind.

It will be mostly cloudy and light snow will fall in isolated places.

Maximum temperatures will be 0°-2°.

The temperature of the sea water is 6°-8°.

The excitement of the sea will be 4-5 points.

Over the mountains

, the clouds will be broken, mostly significant.

Light snow will fall in separate places until the morning.

After noon, over the massifs in Western and Central Bulgaria, there will be more significant reductions in cloudiness, temporarily and until sunny.

A moderate to strong wind will blow from the north-northeast.

The maximum temperature at a height of 1,200 meters will be around minus 8°, at 2,000 meters - around minus 15°, NIMH reports.

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