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Valentin Dimitrov-Valjo Toploto was finally acquitted in the case of embezzlement of BGN 4.5 million from "Toplofikatsia", where he was a director more than 15 years ago. This is clear from a published decision of the Supreme Court in one of the cases against him. 

Maya Stoilova, the head of the company "Shiber", was finally acquitted.

According to the indictment, she supplied materials at inflated prices to "Toplofikatsia" during Dimitrov's time as director. 

Valjo Toploto got out of prison

Valjo Toploto is already in prison for unemployment because he spent the money of the municipal company on jacuzzis, blue cheese and other extras that he used personally. 

He was sentenced to 7 years for money laundering in another case, but the reasons have not yet been written, "24 Chasa" recalls.

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