Wu Shangnian, Director-General of the Department of International Organizations and Organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained the APEC annual meeting plan at the regular meeting today.

(Reposted from the live broadcast of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

[Reporter Lu Yixuan/Taipei Report] APEC is hosted by the United States this year, and the first series of meetings will begin on February 14 in Palm Springs, California.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated today that Wu Shangnian, director of the Department of International Organization and Organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will attend SOM1 as a senior official of APEC, and Ruan Qinghua, the political secretary of the Ministry of Finance, will lead a delegation to attend the meeting of the finance ministers from the 25th to 26th. More than 120 people will seek cooperation opportunities in priority areas.

The 2023 APEC meeting is hosted by the United States, which is the first time that the United States has hosted APEC since 2011.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, who attended APEC on behalf of U.S. President Joe Biden last year, said that the U.S. as the host will demonstrate its long-term economic commitment to the Indo-Pacific region.

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Wu Shangnian explained through the regular meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today that APEC plans for this year's meeting.

This year's theme is "Creating a Resilient and Sustainable Future for All", and the priority areas are "interconnected", "innovative" and "inclusive".

Wu Shangnian pointed out that the first series of meetings of the year is the "First Senior Officials Meeting" (SOM1) and related meetings held in Palm Springs, California, USA from February 14 to 28. Meeting".

She herself will attend the Senior Officials Meeting from 26th to 28th as a senior APEC official of our country; Tsing Hua, Political Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Ruan Tsing Hua will lead a delegation to attend the Finance Ministers' Meeting from 25th to 26th.

According to Wu Shangnian, SOM1 and related conferences will have nearly 100 meetings, discussing topics covering trade and investment, food security, marine fisheries, anti-corruption and transparency, combating illegal logging, digital economy, women and the economy, telecommunications, health, technology issues of technology and innovation.

Up to now, there have been more than 120 applicants from my country. Representatives from various agencies will exchange views with members on various priority areas and seek opportunities for cooperation.

Wu Shangnian also announced that the main APEC meeting this year will be the "Second Senior Officials Meeting" (SOM2) in Detroit in May, and two ministerial-level meetings of the Minister of Transport and Trade; the "Third Senior Officials Meeting" will be held in Seattle in August (SOM3), and 5 ministerial-level meetings, including small and medium-sized enterprises, women, energy, food security and health; the "Finance Ministers Meeting" and "APEC Economic Leaders Week" will be held in San Francisco in November.