People's League activities can apply for subsidies from the Social Bureau as long as there is social welfare propaganda.

(Provided by the Social Bureau)

[Reporter Xie Wuxiong/Taoyuan Report] Taoyuan City Audit Office’s 2020 final account review report found that subsidizing people’s organizations’ funds did not fully comply with social welfare policies; after investigation by supervisory committee members Wang Rongzhang, Ji Huirong, and Hong Yizhang, they submitted a correction report at the end of last year. It is believed that people’s group gatherings only provide less than one hour of social welfare publicity, and most of the expenses are actually paid by the government. For this reason, the Social Affairs Bureau also proposed various countermeasures. See you again.

The investigation report of the Supervisory Yuan pointed out that the surplus of the public welfare lottery is mainly to subsidize social welfare organizations to handle social welfare publicity. However, from 2018 to 2020, the Taoyuan City Government subsidized more than 67.58 million yuan, and about 51.87 million yuan, or 77%, was used for subsidies It is not in compliance with the regulations for non-social welfare organizations to conduct social welfare publicity activities.

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The report also named some clan associations’ respect for the elderly, Koi Expo, Tai Chi Championships, fishing competitions, Chinese New Year gatherings, children’s talent competitions, Weiqi Open Tournament, Sports Promotion Association’s end-of-year party, Tai Chi Qigong Eighteen Styles Committee’s year-end party, Music Association Many of the achievement exhibitions are meal talks, and the on-site welfare service promotion is only 30 minutes, at most no more than 1 hour, but the amount of subsidy for some activities is as high as 99%, which is almost paid by the government.

Liu Yanling, Section Chief of People's Organizations of the Social Affairs Bureau, said that in the future, people's organizations will be subsidized up to 50,000 yuan for social welfare promotion, but they must hire professional social workers from the "Lecturer Database" of the Social Affairs Bureau to give lectures. For unit activities, subsidies will be given depending on the activity plan and content.

Liu Yanling said that in the past, people’s organizations that were not social welfare organizations would still be treated as social welfare organizations because the articles of association would still mention the handling of social services. Social welfare organizations will use the surplus of public welfare lottery tickets to carry out the above activities. As for non-social welfare people's organizations to carry out welfare promotion, they will prepare a separate budget for payment.