The chairman of "Belarus"

Oleg Romanov

said in an interview with the state television of Belarus that the party will be built "from scratch".

"The new party will be an independent force, which is aimed at solving the acute problems facing our society and, in general, the world today."

According to Romanov, they decided to create the party because "they felt the need for active participation in political life."

On February 7, an organizational meeting was held to create the party.

And the future party will exist "for the sake of Belarus being an island of stability, order, prosperity and success."

"Belya Rus" was created in 2007 immediately as a public organization that supports Lukashenka.

The first chairman of the association was

Aleksandar Radzkov

, during his tenure as Minister of Education, the number of Belarusian-language schools decreased significantly, and the subject "History of Belarus" began to be taught mainly in Russian.

In 2018-2022

the association was headed by

Genadz Davydzka

, one of the initiators of the recently adopted law on re-registration of political parties.

Since 2022, "Belya Rus" has been headed by Oleg Romanov, who believes that political parties "should stand on a constructive, creative, pro-state and pro-people position."

Accordingly, it does not allow the existence of parties with views opposing the authorities, as happens in a democratic system.

There were rumors about the transformation of "Bela Rus" into a political party before, but it was also said on the sidelines that Lukashenka himself was against it.

Now it has been decided that there will be a party, but there will also be a public association.