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On the initiative of acting Prime Minister Galab Donev, a working meeting will be held today in the Council of Ministers with the participation of ministers and heads of agencies.

The aim is to present an analysis of the formation of prices, and based on the results of this analysis, possible solutions to stop their rise will be sought. 

"The efforts of the second caretaker government will be aimed at achieving real results in controlling food prices," Donev said. 

The Prime Minister has already commented that regardless of the internal political uncertainty and the turbulent external environment, the government will continue its efforts to achieve stability and predictability, to stimulate the economic activity of Bulgarian business and foreign investors.

In his words, this means not only maintaining the current processes, but also promptly creating and using new, promising opportunities. 

Prime Minister Donev: Bulgaria has never been a threat to the national security of the RSM

Dove Donev

Galab Donev was born in 1967 in Sofia.

Graduated from the 35th Russian Language High School in Sofia.

reminded that it was in this way that important initiatives in the field of energy were implemented, which give a new horizon to energy security and create potential for economic growth, employment and flexible social policy. 

Dove Donev