A non-commissioned officer steals a female comrade's robe, and is ordered to pay embarrassment fees by the Qiaotou District Court.

(Photo by reporter Bao Jianxin)

[Reporter Bao Jianxin/Kaohsiung Report] The non-commissioned officer surnamed Su in active service had an affair with his family colleague. The two traveled from the army many times, camped overnight, and took the motorcycle train. The husband demanded 600,000 yuan in compensation. Su compensated 300,000 yuan in embarrassment fees, which can be appealed.

A Qiang (pseudonym), a husband who has been married for many years, pointed out that his wife Xiaoqin (pseudonym) was serving in the north. After returning home from vacation, she often had unknown phone calls to chat with her, and her behavior was suspicious.

On November 23, 2021, under his questioning, his wife began to confess to having an affair with a non-commissioned officer surnamed Su from the same unit.

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He said that from August of the same year to the end of March 2022, Xiaoqin and Su Nan had intimate behaviors such as kissing, hugging, showing love with their fingers, and cuddling each other when they were traveling abroad from the army.

In addition, the two had gone to Pingtung to camp overnight, had a tryst in Taichung to see exhibitions, and even went to motels, so they demanded compensation of 600,000 yuan from Su for spiritual comfort.

Su Nan argues that he is from the north, and Xiaoqin returns to Kaohsiung during vacations or holidays. The two seldom get together, and live in different circles in the north and south, so they have no way of knowing their family members and marital status.

He also said that Xiaoqin is about 30 years old. According to the current society where late marriages are common, it is not against the norm if he is not yet married. He has not been able to doubt or verify his marital status, which is not inconsistent with the norm.

The judge said that Xiaoqin was 35 years old before dating Su Nan. Women at this age are usually married. Su Nan should pay attention to whether he is married. Since the two are colleagues, they only need to ask other colleagues to find out Whether Xiaoqin is married or not, and Xiaoqin’s Facebook page has public marriage certificates, wedding invitations, etc., so she believes that Su’s argument is not good enough, and considering Su Nan’s original military status and Su’s economic situation, she believes that compensation of 300,000 yuan is more reasonable.