American analysts of the Institute for the Study of War believe that the Kremlin is afraid of the influence of businessman

Yevgeny Prigozhin , the owner

of Wagner PMC .

In Moscow, the so-called "Putin's cook" Wagner continues to be denied legitimacy and power in Russia. 

This is stated in a recent ISW report.

They note that the Kremlin used Prigozhin's lawsuit against the Russian journalist Oleksiy Venediktov for this purpose.

Thus, on February 6, the court in Moscow refused to recognize the businessman as the owner and founder of PVK "Wagner" after re-examination of his lawsuit against Venediktov. 

By the way, in June 2021, Prigozhin sued the journalist to refute Venediktov's statement that he is the owner of "Wagnerivtsi".

The court then recognized the information as unreliable. 

However, on January 19 of this year, the oligarch tried to cancel the court's decision.

He said that the journalist Venediktov was not lying.

Analysts believe that he did this in order to compensate for the decrease in his influence after the replacement of the "Wagnerians" around Bakhmut in Donetsk region by units of the Russian regular army.

"This confirms that the reduction of the Russian army's dependence on Wagner's forces around Bakhmut probably reduces Prigozhin's influence in the Kremlin's inner circle," ISW concluded. 

We will remind you that Prigozhin distinguished himself with an absurd statement.

He said he was ready to withdraw from Bakhmut if President Volodymyr Zelensky 

agreed to a "duel in the sky"


Yes, the terrorist wants an "aerial battle" on the MiG-29 aircraft. 

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