The Chief Spokesman of the Government, Gerson Msigwa has said that the Government has moved forward the presentation of the Information Services Bill which was planned to be presented in the ongoing Parliament as part of the bills to change various laws.

With that information, the bill will now be presented in the Budget Parliament which is expected to start in April this year.

Speaking to journalists in Dodoma, today February 7, Msigwa said the bill is expected to amend the Information Services Act number 12 of 2016.

"We had planned to present our matter, but my brothers, it has happened that the parliament's schedule is very tight, there was no time, so we have failed to present a bill to change this information law."

said Msigwa.

Msigwa has said that there are many laws that did not get a chance to be presented and discussed in parliament, however he added that in the next meeting those laws will be presented, discussed and put into effect.