The Ten Drum Cultural and Creative Park combined with the Moriyama Market to launch a limited event of "Magic Moriyama".

(Photo by reporter Wu Junfeng)

[Reporter Wu Junfeng/Tainan Report] Tainan Rende Ten Drums Cultural and Creative Park, transformed from a century-old sugar factory, combined with the popular Moriyama Market for the first time to curate five magical themes and jointly launch a two-day exhibition "Magic Moriyama" limited event will debut this Saturday.

The Magic Moriyama event was held in the Ten Drum Cultural and Creative Park on the 11th and 12th, and 130 brands were invited to participate in the grand event. An upgraded version of the train-like market was created on the spot, each with different themes and designs, hoping to impress the public with fantasy Great memories of the trip.

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This event was jointly planned by Ten Drums Cultural Creation and the chief curator of Moriyama Market, Xie Wenkan, to create a vivid magic station. The stores turned into residents of the magic town, displaying and selling various limited products of the magic world, such as magic craft creations, Magic props, magic dishes, etc., let the public experience an adventure journey full of magic elements.

The trains will depart at regular intervals, and tourists can experience the scene of the Maeklong Railway Market in Thailand, where street stalls and trains pass by, which is a very creative activity.

Xue Shuman, Director of the Public Relations Office of Ten Drum Culture and Creativity, said that the conductor of the train will drive the magic train to take the public into the magic rainbow street, the seven-storied tower of the magic factory, and the design drawings of the original mechanical reproductions of the Cheluqian sugar factory.

Xue Shuman said that the train drove to the realm of magic enchantment, entered the portal, and there were a variety of shops, including the wizard school and the wizard's gate, the spirit sword library of the Wind and Thunder Staff Society, the Shadow Bank, and the black magic bar.

There are also Time Travel Agency, Tao and Wizard Magic Store, Tianlong Eyes and Eyes Magic Tool Store, Magic Ice Cream Shop, Wizard Robe Store, Rare Circus, and Omniscient Owl News Agency, etc.

During the celebration, there are many ancient magic shops beside the station platform, displaying and selling all kinds of daily necessities and limited desserts in the magical world, as well as illustrations and blogs, as well as creating new visual works with magic elements.

Ten Drum Culture and Creation also invited the curatorial team of Longqi Kongshan Festival "艸非火" team to create a tree of souls in the century-old banyan tree in the center of the magic town. Ethereal light art.

The Ten Drum Cultural and Creative Park combined with the Moriyama Market to launch a limited event of "Magic Moriyama".

(Photo by reporter Wu Junfeng)