A woman in Dali, Taichung was sent to the hospital last night with abdominal pain. The baby boy couldn't wait to report. Firefighters Li Yifan and Shi Shengfang successfully delivered the baby in an ambulance.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Jianzhi)

[Reporter Chen Jianzhi/Taichung Report] A 35-week-pregnant woman in Dali, Taichung was pregnant with her second child. She suddenly developed abdominal pain at around 9:00 last night. She called 119 and called an ambulance. Both Li Yifan and Shi Shengfang of the fire brigade have no experience in delivering babies, but according to the drill steps in similar situations during the usual training, they successfully delivered the baby boy in the ambulance, and the mother and child are safe. The main responsibility is to deliver the baby. Li Yifan, a 26-year-old unmarried female firefighter Said that the first delivery was very nervous, but I was very happy to be able to cooperate with the seniors to complete the task.

The 35-week-pregnant woman in Dali, Taichung called 119 at 9 o'clock last night, saying she had stomach pains at 35 weeks of pregnancy, and she seemed to be about to give birth. The baby has exposed the fetal head, and the mother is in regular labor pains. After assessing that the vital signs of the pregnant woman are stable, she is then assisted in transporting her to the ambulance in an appropriate way.

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On the way to the hospital, the ambulance personnel protected the fetus from the rear of the car to expose the head. Although none of the three had experience in delivering babies, according to similar situations simulated in usual training, female firefighter Li Yifan served as the main delivery person, and Shi Shengfang assisted on the side. The male baby couldn’t wait in the ambulance, and was born naturally through the birth canal. The ambulance staff protected the fetus’ body with both hands, so that the fetus was successfully delivered from the mother’s body. The male baby cried loudly, had strong limbs, and had no umbilical cord around the neck. Stimulated, suctioned the mouth and nose, kept warm, and fixed the umbilical cord with an umbilical cord clip. The mother and child were successfully sent to Dali Ren'ai Hospital at 9:47.

Li Yifan, who has been a firefighter for nearly 2 years and is still unmarried, said today that this is the first time she has delivered a woman, and she was really nervous. Protecting the fetal head, checking whether the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck, suctioning foreign objects from the mouth and nose, and observing the baby's cry, etc., successfully completed this task. I think it is a very special experience, and I am very happy to successfully complete the delivery.