Hong suspected that he fled after getting 200,000 yuan, and was arrested at the airport early this morning.

(provided by the public)

[Reporter Xu Guozhen/Taichung Report] A lottery shop in Nantun District, Taichung City, was broken into by robbers armed with a knife in the early morning of the 6th to collect 200,000 yuan. The police quickly identified the robber as 40-year-old Hung Suspect, and found that he had committed the crime from before he committed the crime to when he succeeded in committing the crime. Afterwards, a series of actions such as cross-dressing, stealing cars, changing vehicles, returning to Taiwan after leaving the country, etc. were deliberately designed to create breakpoints and confuse the direction of the investigation, but in the end they were still defeated by the police. They were arrested in Taoji early this morning.

After investigation, Hong suspected that he went to the lottery bank to buy lottery tickets in the early morning of the 4th to premeditate the crime. It was found that there was only one female clerk in the store alone. After leaving the rental apartment in the evening with a backpack on his back, he immediately took the MRT to Xinwuri High-Speed ​​Railway Station, changed clothes in the toilet of the high-speed railway station, threw the original clothes in the trash can, and stole a motorcycle as a means of transportation for the crime.

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At about 1 o'clock in the morning on the 6th, Hong suspected that he rode a stolen car to the lottery bank to commit a crime with a knife. After he succeeded, he immediately fled on the stolen car, and then abandoned the stolen car at the intersection of Jianguo Road and Jingcheng South Road in Nantun District. They also discarded them in a large row near the car abandonment point, and then walked to Hsinchu and then took a taxi to Taoyuan Airport. On the same day at 7 o'clock in the morning, they left for Singapore and discarded the black clothes they wore when committing the crime. country.

At this time, the police have formed a special case team to hunt down and lock the suspect Hong. In the early hours of this morning, they received a report from the Immigration Department that the suspect Hong would return to Taiwan by plane in the early morning. The special case team immediately sent personnel to Taoyuan Airport to arrest him. A series of acts of cross-dressing, stealing cars, changing vehicles, and returning to Taiwan after going abroad are nothing more than deliberately creating breakpoints to confuse the direction of investigation and investigation. It is quite cunning, but it is still lost to the French Open.

The police also found a large amount of Singapore dollars in his backpack and confiscated the remaining stolen money of 128,000 yuan. He confessed that he was heavily in debt due to investment failures and losses in lottery games, and he lacked money to spend, so he took the risk. The police are still Continue to clarify the case.

Hung Sue was caught in Taoji early this morning, and changed his body again.

(provided by the police)