Must have done a lot of merit.

For the Football Association of "Big Od" Pol. Gen. Somyot Pumpanmuang

which had to face the crisis continuously and for a long time

Ever since before the COVID-19 outbreak, it was already awkward.

What do you do that seems to be stuck?

Both from money and gold

Not counting the lawsuit and losing the case

business benefits

It's not as expected.

Sponsors are already scarce.

Came to support some owners, there is another problem.

Recently, the lottery plus lottery has already been won.

The Football Association and the President of the Association accept

clearly announced that

“Lack of liquidity” would have a direct effect on the club members who were shouting.

Where the original money was not straight, not complete, already had to solve the problem only in front of the money spinning to pay the players

And there is still no sign that they will receive funding from the association quickly and sufficiently.

While the performance of the national team in different levels

Still can't get much faith from football fans

Even though coming to the ASEAN championship comforts the mind.

create excitement for a while

But nothing has changed clearly.

The acquisition of the ASEAN Championship and is about to continue to create continuity to spark the trend

Hoping for the results to reach the World Cup qualifying round in a new circle, new hopes, with the Thai national team being invited to compete in the West Asian Football Championship (WAFF) or in the home language is the Arab Championship.

In the United Arab Emirates between March 20 and April 2, it is considered a continuation.

and helpful in preparing the team

Gain experience from teams with higher global rankings.

without having to invest money to find a team of this level to kick

It's a huge benefit.

But suddenly uncertainties arose, as WAFF notified all nations that a host had yet to be settled.

I don't know if this means the withdrawal of the UAE hosts?

Let's say I don't know if the Thai team will play in this program or not.

If not, you need to find a warm-up match.

and many games

Have to use a lot of budget

Not only, the 23-year-old team, which this year has a lot of missions.

and important

Both the ASEAN Championship, the SEA Games, the Asian Championship qualifying round

Final Asian Championship

which controls the Asian Olympic Games to Paris 2024 by default and also has the Asian Games

But news came out that the 23-year-old team, which is scheduled to compete in the "Doha Cup" from March 22-30, is considered a continuous program to prepare a team with big goals in many games.

There is no money to support the introvert and including flying to the competition.

Waiting for hope from SAT

At this moment, you must be willing to help support.


Don't go looking for change.

this kind of situation

Who would want to come in?

"Negative pawns"