The Su'ao Town Office issued a new Su'ao sightseeing guide map, introducing attractions and gourmet shops.

(Provided by Suao Township Office)

[Reporter Jiang Zhixiong/Yilan Report] Yilan County Su'ao Township Office issued a new Su'ao sightseeing guide map, introducing 15 scenic spots in the town, and simultaneously publishing 53 local specialty food stores, which are placed in the Su'ao service area of ​​National Highway 5, etc. The land is available for free. This year's Yilan Green Expo will be held in Suao Wulaokeng Scenic Area. It is scheduled to open on March 31 and the event will last until May 14. The Suao sightseeing guide map with pictures and texts can be used as a guide for everyone to visit Suao Guidelines.

The Su-Ao sightseeing guide map adopts a folding page design and double-sided color printing. The 3D marine painting inside the Sudong Tunnel, a check-in attraction, is the main vision.

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Guide the map and introduce the local classic attractions, including Su'ao Cold Spring, Qixingling Trail, Wulaokeng Scenic Area, Wuweigang Waterfowl Sanctuary, Fortress Mountain Scenic Area, Nanfang'ao Tofu Cape, Dong'ao Pink Bird Forest, Xinxing check-in There is also an introduction to the scenic spot Sudong Tunnel.

Another highlight is the listing of 53 Su-Ao specialty food stores, including Pengpai seafood restaurant, common people's gourmet meat soup, rice noodle soup, Wangmei coffee shop, yokan, brown sugar cake, and fish ball shop. These shops are all local Recommended by people, or gourmet restaurants with high voice on the Internet.

The first 10,000 copies of this sightseeing guide map will be obtained from the Su'ao service area of ​​National Highway No. 5, Taiwan Railway Su'ao Station and Su'ao New Station, Su'ao Transit Station, Su'ao Town Tourist Factory, and will be uploaded to Su'ao Town at the same time Official website of the office, Shuishui Suao and Suao town office Facebook fan pages.

The new Su'ao Town Tourist Guide Map is placed in the Su'ao service area of ​​National Highway 5 and other places for free request.

(Provided by Suao Township Office)