The students of Donghua Primary School modified the design of the walker by themselves at school, so that they can go up and down the stairs more labor-saving and safer.

(Provided by Donghua Primary School)

[Reporter Hua Mengjing/Hualien Report] National Donghua Primary School represented Hualien County to participate in this year's IEYI World Youth Maker Invention Exhibition and Taiwan Selection Competition, and won 1 special award, 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. The special award and gold medal will represent Taiwan to participate in the world competition .

Wang Junye, who received the special award, and three other students said that they observed that their grandma was inconvenient to walk, and took the time to improve the function of the walker, so that people with disabilities can use the walker to go up and down stairs safely without worrying about losing their balance.

The special award entry is "Walking aids for going up and down stairs". The inventors Wang Junye, Li Pengyuan, and Liang Enxi shared their ideas. Because their grandma's hands and feet are not convenient, and there is no elevator in their hometown where they have lived for many years, they see grandma every day. I have to carry a walker up and down the small and narrow stairs of the old house. It is very difficult. I even fell down while sleeping on the stairs and was hospitalized for a week. In order to make my grandma’s life safer, the child started to conceive a way to make it easier for the elders to go up and down the stairs Walker.

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In order to allow walker users to go up and down stairs easily, 3 people spent a lot of time designing. The design of the walker with 4 legs was modified. The front 2 legs can be bent and shortened. When going up and down stairs, the walker All 4 feet of the walker can be on the ground at the same time, which is relatively stable and saves effort when moving. The bending of the walker is controlled by the brake lever on the handle of the walker.

Three students said that the new design is safer, and users don't have to worry about the inconvenience and dangers of walking aids, so they dare not go out.

The principal Bao Mingjun said that this year’s judging also specially hired foreign professors to ask and answer the contestants on the spot in English. The students from the 6 teams sent by Donghua Primary School all showed their ingenuity and hands-on ability. It is also recommended by foreign judges to participate in the world competition, and it is the only special award for the national team.

The gold medal work "Multifunctional Massage Ball" was designed by Huang Yongxiang, Ou Jiaduan and Chen Zhiyu.

The reason is that the students climbed Dali Datong Road and Liwu Mountain in Taroko National Park last summer vacation. After going down the mountain, their muscles were tense and sore. So they thought "it would be great if the trekking poles had the function of massage balls", and started to design it. Combined with the massage ball of the trekking pole, the massage ball itself also has the function of a storage box. The ingenuity has also been favored by the judges, and the affirmation of the gold medal will represent Taiwan to enter the world championship.

Principal Bao Mingjun said that a total of 6 teams from the Primary School Attached to Donghua University won the right to represent Hualien County to participate in the Taiwan trials this year. They stood out from the 186 teams in the National Team and won a total of 1 special award, 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze and 2 masterpieces. They hit a home run Fighting, every child should not only use keen insight to discover problems in life, but also show unique insights, solve problems by themselves, and then use the team to brainstorm and cooperate in production and share the results together. Thanks to the teachers of the invention exhibition team for their respect Every child's idea, providing technical support and suggestions, becomes the best backing for children to develop their creativity, this is the maker spirit.

Wang Junye, a student of Donghua Primary School, modified the design of the walker by himself at school, so that he can go up and down the stairs with less effort and safely.

(Provided by Donghua Primary School)

After the walker is completed, it can be tested at home, which can allow the elderly to go up and down the stairs safely and effortlessly. The four feet of the walker can touch the ground at the same time, which is more stable.

(Provided by Donghua Primary School)

Hualien Donghua Elementary School students participated in the IEYI World Youth Maker Invention Exhibition Taiwan selection and won the special award of the conference.

(Provided by Donghua Primary School)