Turkey was hit by a century-old earthquake. The first group of Taiwan rescue team set out last night to assist in the search and rescue. The representative of Turkey in Taiwan, Betinko (right), shook hands with the rescue team one by one to express their gratitude.

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[Reporter Lu Yixuan/Report from Taipei] A strong earthquake with a scale of 7.8 on the Richter scale hit the border between southern Turkey and northern Syria at 4:17 a.m. local time on the 6th.

The Turkish Office in Taiwan announced today the urgently needed material items in Turkey. If people or companies want to donate materials to help the victims, please contact the office.

Muhammed Berdibek, representative of Turkey in Taiwan, expressed his gratitude to all walks of life for their concern about the earthquake in Turkey. If people or companies want to donate materials to Turkey to assist residents in the disaster-stricken areas, please contact the Turkish Office in Taipei.

In order to speed up the coordination of relevant operations, please leave your contact information by e-mail (tr-office.taipei@mfa.gov.tr), and inform us of the items, quantity and weight of the materials you want to donate.

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According to the Turkish office, the items urgently needed in Turkey mainly include winter clothing (adults and children), such as winter coats/warm jackets, raincoats, boots, sweaters, trousers, gloves, scarves, fur hats, socks, underwear, etc.

Other items needed include tent, bed, sleeping pad for tent, blanket, sleeping bag, thermos, flashlight, diapers, sanitation products, tampons/pads.

In order to rescue the disaster, our country established the "Taiwan International Search and Rescue Team". The first batch of 40 advance team members were dispatched yesterday (6) evening, carrying 3 search and rescue dogs and 6.6 tons of rescue equipment and equipment, to the disaster area to assist in the rescue. Arrive early.

The second rescue team of 90 people will set off tonight.