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The expected visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday

Volodymyr Zelensky is a Ukrainian artist, screenwriter, producer and politician. Volodymyr (sometimes in Brussels will be accompanied by security measures at the highest level, Belgian media reported today.

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It is explained that the security services plan to take steps that they resort to during the visit of the US head of state.

According to quoted police sources, a very small team of officers are aware of the exact program and the decision on the visit was made long before it was officially announced last night.

It is noted that specific security measures are being assessed by Belgian counterintelligence.

It is added that prior announcement of the visit creates inconvenience and Zelensky can cancel the trip.

Zelensky is expected to speak Thursday morning before the European Parliament in an extraordinary session that has not yet been officially announced.

EU leaders await Zelensky in Brussels

University of Antwerp international relations professor David Krickmans notes that this will be the second time the Ukrainian head of state has left his country since the Russian attack last February.

Krickmans explains that Zelensky first visited Washington in December last year, and not Brussels, with the leading role of the US in determining the scale of military support for Kyiv, BTA reported. 

The professor expresses the expectation that Zelensky will speak to the MEPs, and later to the participants in the extraordinary meeting of the European Council, about the deadlines for the delivery of the promised Western weapons and to request additional sanctions against Moscow.

According to Krikmans, the Ukrainian president will push for his country to get F-16 fighter jets, a step for which there is still insufficient support.

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