Yesterday I wrote that I am a regular customer of the electric train.

"Airport Link", one who returned to work in the printing shop almost as usual.

So decided to go back and reminisce again.

Walk out from the back door of Thai Rath Printing House to the BTS station.

Heading to change the procession to

Airport Link

at Phaya Thai Station

It appears that we arrived at 4 pm last Wednesday, not yet the time to finish work for Thai there are not many Thai passengers.

But there are quite a lot of foreign passengers or tourists dragging 2 bags of each person to prepare for a return journey.

Causing every seat to be filled and some people had to stand

It's not even compressed into canned fish as it used to happen during the peak tourist season before the outbreak of COVID-19.

As I described yesterday

I decided to keep sitting.

Until Suvarnabhumi, go down to explore here and there

a little with joy

Because tourists began to gradually come to Suvarnabhumi, the atmosphere was very lively.

People were walking and walking all the time.

So on the way back

Therefore, there are some passengers who are crammed with tourists standing.

but stand comfortably

Not to the point of hustle and bustle

As the car took off, I began to inspect the Airport Rail Link in earnest.

found that it should be sprayed with new paint

But the procession or various accessories

should be original

There is unlikely to be a new purchase added in any way.

at Suvarnabhumi Station

Although it looks clean, it has not been rebuilt.

Or decorate, paint, attach new marks

Until the eyes are different from the old things

Including Phaya Thai Station

There is nothing new when I first started, everything is still the same.

Including the "toilet" at the end is still the same and should still be the original "bowl" that is clean.

because the housekeeper takes good care

but not a new jar

Or bring a replacement for sure

(can confirm

Because I'm very familiar with the "toilet" here)

for that announcement

I couldn't listen to the station because when I arrived at the car, I saw the people walking quickly, so I had to walk fast as well.

So he didn't listen to the announcement at the station, how are you doing?

Have you changed


Or is it still the same?

But the announcement in the train was still the same and the voice of the same lady that I told yesterday that

I'm very familiar with her announcements.

And pleased that she announced the word "next station" by dragging out a little bit.

You can hear that..."Tor Pai Station"

It appeared that on the day I sat down to Suvarnabhumi and came back down

Ramkhamhaeng Station

As recorded, this is still the same sound.

"Tor Pai Station" as before

In conclusion, still using the same tape, nothing has changed from the situation before the COVID-19 outbreak for various announcements, both Thai and English.

Made me feel strange because I heard the news that

State Railway of Thailand

Delivered the airport link to Asia Erawan Co., Ltd., which is affiliated with

C.P. and bidding partners

"High-speed train project linking 3 airports" to the construction and management ... is completed.

Including the news that such private companies have improved over and over to be more modern

Many things...But how come every train is still the same, I don't know

Causing me to go back to Google to find old news to read again.

Because since not using the service of this electric train line, I haven't followed any relevant news again.

It appears that I came across one news on October 19, 2021, saying that the Cabinet approved Asia Erawan Company to postpone the payment of joint venture rights to the Airport Link, the first amount of 10,671 million baht because of the result of COVID- 19

There are no tourists entering Thailand, resulting in a decrease in the use of the Airport Link service.

Apart from this news, there is no other news.

Or maybe there is but I haven't found it yet, it's possible.

My conclusion is

Everything of the Airport Link at this minute is still the same.

which is sympathetic

because passengers dropped dramatically during the COVID epidemic

Until the private sector had to ask the government to pay installments as reported in the news

I can only hope

when everything started to get better

The number of foreign passengers has increased even though it's not as good as before, but it's much better...maybe we'll see some new things at the Airport Link soon.